St. Andrew's Society of Central Florida offers scholarships to those deserving locals interested in pursuing Scottish and Celtic Arts. This may include bag piping, highland dance, fiddle and so on. Filll in the form below to apply.
Thanks to all of our members for your constant support! From membership fees, raffle tickets at Scottish Nights, and generous donations, you're helping our scholarship program - providing assistance with anything from classes to supplies.

Below you will find our recipient(s) for the Scholarship year. Keep up the hard work!
Emma started dancing at the age of 2 with Kathryn Austin at CDPA, the Centre for Dance and the Performance Arts. She fell in love with Scottish Highland Dance at age 4. She started competing at 6 1/2 as a primary dancer. This last year has been so exciting and rewarding for Emma as a dancer. As a beginner dancer, she went to 6 competitions and received many 1st and 2nd places. Plus, she won her first trophy for her age group in Savannah, GA. (2019). She, also, won the trophy in her age group on both competition days at the Stone Mountain Highland games (2019). This past January she moved up to a Novice dancer. She competed at a the Northeast Florida games this past February and received her first stamp as a Novice dancer. Emma enjoys performing whenever she can. She’s performed at the school talent show, a holiday festival showcasing her heritage, the Mount Dora Scottish Highland Festival, St Andrews events and other events around town.